Physiotherapy at The Rehab Movement involves a variety of different techniques and approaches. In general, physiotherapy involves the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. These could range from an ankle sprain, to a wry neck to a total knee replacement.
Our physiotherapists work with patients to assess the problem, diagnose the problem, come up with a treatment approach, and then implement strategies to decrease the chances of the problem recurring. Our goal is to get you out of our treatment rooms as quick as possible!
Our standard physiotherapy initial assessment is $94 with follow up appointments at $84. 
The Rehab Movement Ocean Grove is a preferred provider for Medibank Private, offering discounted physiotherapy services to Medibank patients.
We currently accept all Workcover and TAC patients, with no associated or out of pocket costs for these patients.
We also accept Enhanced Primary Care patients, with these patients eligible for a rebate through Medicare.